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ISO 30300 Management Systems for Records

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ISO 30301, published by ISO in 2011, is a standard for records management systems that effectively support an organization's information management. ISO 30301 enables transparent records management, ensuring legal compliance and cost savings. It provides suitable information management methods regardless of the organization's size and supports strategic business operations.

ISO 30301< ISO 30301 >

The ISO 30300 series provides a systematic approach to record creation and management based on organization's goals and strategy.

ISO 30300: Management systems for records – Core concepts and vocabulary

This document provides clear and consistent definitions through terminology in the field of records management to help standard developers and users gain a clear understanding of records management concepts.

ISO 30301: Management systems for records - Requirements

This document provides a methodology for making decisions and managing resources to achieve the organization's objectives. The creation and management of records are essential for all activities, processes, and systems within an organization, enabling business efficiency, accountability, risk management, and business continuity.

ISO 30301: Management systems for records - Guidelines for implementation

This document is created to assist in applying the record management system requirements of ISO 30301 and provides guidelines for implementing MSR (Management System for Records).

Management systems for records< Management systems for records >
  • •  Enhanced ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • •  Improved efficiency in decision-making and business execution.
  • •  Enhancing the integration of the organization's technologies and improving competitiveness.
  • •  Reducing the time to find information across the organization.
  • •  Reducing multiple copies and ensuring the existence of the original.
  • •  Enhancing the ability to protect corporate information.
  • •  More efficient utilization of IT storage space.
  • •  Enhancing business recovery capabilities in the event of a disaster.
  • •  Strengthening social responsibility.

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