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Declaration for Impartiality
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Commitment of Impartiality

Top management of GPC has commitment to impartiality in certification activities.

All members of GPC conduct the audit fairly and try not to have conflicts of interest.

All members of GPC have an obligation to notify the GPC of any work that may result in conflicts of interest. There must be no commercial, financial or other pressures that could affect the outcome of the certification process.

GPC periodically reviews operations and procedures to ensure impartiality.

GPC acts quickly if it is threatened to impartiality.

Declaration of Impartiality

As a member of GPC, I declare that I will strictly comply with the following;

First, I act fairly as an interested party while performing impartiality activities.

Second, I follow all GPC procedures and policies.

Third, I do not interfere with the applicant's access by abusing the procedures of the GPC.

Fourth, I have responsibility to continuously find out and recognize the threats to the impartiality, and I will immediately report to my superior or Impartiality Committee.

Fifth, I do not disclose any information about GPC operation to internal or external organizations.

Sixth, I declare that I will abide by all the statements promised to protect the policies and impartiality of GPC.

Seventh, if I violate the rules and policies of the GPC, I will accept the penalties determined by GPC and take full responsibility for the consequences.