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International Personnel Certification Association

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IPC(International Personnel Certification Association)

IPC was established in 1995, under the name International Auditor and Training Certification Association (IATCA) and to adapt to the market need for certification of professionals in a variety of categories, the role and name was changed in Chicago 2003 to International Personnel Certification Association, IPC. The IPC is developing certification schemes for professionals and accrediting training providers and training courses.

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IPC’s Vision and Mission

IPC’s Vision

To be the prime provider of personnel certification schemes and achieve recognition of IPC brand certificates worldwide.

IPC’s Mission

  • check To provide recognition to individuals who, having demonstrated competence to IPC approved schemes, can improve the performance of organizations.
  • check IPC develops certification schemes to provide recognition for personnel in a range of fields and disciplines.
  • check Evaluates the scheme implementation through accreditation to ISO 17024 and IPC criteria in order to establish confidence in the equivalence of IPC certifications.
  • check Evaluates training providers and training courses, and recognize courses fulfilling the requirements of IPC certification schemes.

Benefit of the IPC certificate

  • One of the main benefits of becoming an IPC MLA member is the right to issue certificates under the IPC logo. IPC certificates are based on Certification Schemes developed by experts in member organizations, and re internationally recognized.
  • IPC certificates are valuable to persons working abroad to document their competence. It is also an asset for the accredited personnel certification body issuing the certificates, to be an IPC MLA signatory, and it may increase the certification volume.

The relationship between GPC and IPC

GPC is a full member of IPC and signed an MLA in 2017 regarding the qualification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 management system auditor and Lead auditor and designation of training provider. Through this, GPC applies the IPC logo to the auditor certificate within the scope of IPC MLA, and designates only qualified institutions as training providers according to the requirements.

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