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GPC Exam

In order to be certified or maintained by GPC as an auditor, candidate must take an exam against related to standard. The exam location and time will be notified in advance and will usually be held on Saturdays at 10:00 am. Candidates must arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the exam, and tardiness or absence will be automatically scored as 0 points. Candidates must present their identification cards (including photos) for the exam. Candidates must leave the prohibited items with the invigilator in advance. If cheating is confirmed, invigilator may request candidate to check out and no further exam will be allowed.

  • GPC Exam

    GPC Exam
    The exam consists of a knowledge and attribution exam, and the allotted time is a total of 100 minutes for the knowledge and attribution exam. The candidate can take the knowledge exam as an open book.

    1. Knowledge exam

    The knowledge exam is conducted to evaluate the knowledge of ISO standards, and it evaluates the competence and qualifications of candidates who want to perform audit activities.
    The knowledge exam has a total of 50 questions and consists of 4 sections. The candidate passes if all of the following pass criteria meet.

    • - More than 40% correct by sectional category
    • - An acquirement of more than 70 points total

    If do not pass the knowledge exam, candidate will be given one more chance to retake the exam.
    In the event of consecutive failures of the exam, candidate will not be able to take the knowledge exam again for one year.

    2. Attribution exam

    The attribution exam is based on ISO 19011:2018 and evaluates qualifications and characteristics as an auditor. It also determines how well the candidate understands the question.

    The attribution exam has a total of 25 questions, and a score of 70 or higher is a pass.
    The highest point of each question is 4 points. The further away from the correct answer, the more points are deducted. (If not selected, 0 point) Candidates should choose without delay what they believe to be the correct answer.

    If do not pass the exam, candidates will be given one chance for an interview.
    If do not pass the interview, candidates cannot take the attribution exam again for one year.

  • Exam method

    Exam method
      The GPC exam can be conducted in three ways.
    • 1. Training provider - Training and exam can be conducted at the same time at a training provider designated by GPC.
    • 2. Visit to GPC - Candidates can take the exam by visiting the GPC. - GPC proceeds with a test 10:00 am on the last Saturday of each month for those who have registered in advance.
    • 3. Individual exam - If the exam methods 1 and 2 are restricted, the exam can be conducted online according to the GPC procedure. - However, a declaration of faithfulness and security compliance pledges is required, and candidate must prove that the methods 1 and 2 are restricted.

GPC Exam Process

  • GPC Exam Process

    Step 1
    Application for GPC exam

    1. Application for GPC exam

    Step 2
    Review of application documents

    2. Review of application documents

    Step 3
    GPC exam schedule notice

    3. GPC exam schedule notice

    Step 4
    Perform the exam

    4. Perform the exam

    Step 5
    Issuance of certificate

    5. Issuance of certificate

      To proceed with the GPC exam, candidate must submit application documents. In the application document, candidate need to fill out personal information and proof of completion of training. Submitted documents will be reviewed, and if additional supplementation is not required, the GPC exam schedule will be announced. If you have any further questions, please contact us at our e-mail address - info@gpcert.org

1. I have completed the ISO 9001 auditor training course, but I did not take the exam. I want to take an exam before registering as a provisional auditor at GPC. How does it work?

If you have not taken the exam after completing the training course, you can take the exam directly at GPC and proceed as follows.
  • 1) Apply for the exam at GPC (required to submit application form and certificate of completion)
  • 2) Payment
  • 3) Notify exam location and time
  • 4) Take the exam
  • 5) Issue the exam pass certificate

2. What is the exam passing criteria?

In the case of the auditor knowledge examination, it consists of a total of 4 sections and must meet all of the following pass criteria to be considered a pass.
  • 1) More than 40% of correct answers per section
  • 2) More than 70 points of a total score
Also, in the case of the auditor attribution examination, a total score of more than 70 points is considered a pass, and in case of failure, one chance to retake the exam is given.

3. How do I pay the exam fee?

If you apply for the exam at GPC, you will be informed of the exam fee in the form of an invoice after application. The fee is \40,000(KRW) per standard, and you can transfer it to the account information at the bottom of the invoice.

4. After taking the exam, when will I know the results of the exam?

The result will be notified within one week after the exam date and you can receive the exam pass certificate.

5. I passed the GPC auditor knowledge exam and attribution exam. Can I register directly as an auditor?

If you meet all of the other auditor registration requirements, you can register as an auditor by submitting the application and related materials.