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Training Provider Designation

Introduction of Training Provider Designation

GPC has been authorized to designate a training provider by signing an MLA with IPC regarding management system auditor certification and designation of training provider.

The auditor/lead auditor training course registered in GPC consists of guidelines for conducting an audit based on ISO/IEC 17021-1 and ISO 19011 and ISO standard requirements. The following training courses are currently registered in GPC.

  • Training Provider Designation

    Training Provider Designation

    ISO 9001:2015

    Quality Management System Auditor

    ISO 13485:2016

    Medical Devices Quality Management System Auditor

    ISO 14001:2015

    Environmental Management System Auditor

    ISO 22000:2018

    Food Safety Management System Auditor

    ISO 45001:2018

    Occupational Health and Safety Management System Auditor

    ISO 21001:2018

    Educational Organization Management System Auditor

    ISO 22301:2019

    Business Continuity Management System Auditor

    ISO/IEC 27001:2013

    Information Security Management System Auditor

    ISO/IEC 27701:2019

    Privacy Information Management System Auditor

    ISO 37001:2016

    Anti-Bribery Management System Auditor

    ISO 22716:2007

    Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices Auditor

    ISO 21384-3:2019

    Unmanned Aircraft System Auditor

    ISO 50001:2018

    Energy Management System Auditor

    ISO 55001:2014

    Asset Management System Auditor

    ISO 37301:2021

    Compliance Management System Auditor

Designation Process

  • Designation Process

    Step 1
    Receive application

    1. Receive application

    Prepare and submit the application form, contract, and the related materials by e-mail

    Step 2

    2. Payment

    Pay the training provider designation fee

    Step 3
    Review documents

    3. Review documents

    Review the submitted documents and, if necessary, supplement the documents

    Step 4
    On-site audit

    4. On-site audit

    Evaluate the training sites and examination procedures of the training provider after passing the documents review

    Step 5

    5. Approve

    Approve finally regarding the designation of training provider based on the results of the on-site audit

    Step 6
    Issue designation

    6. Issue designation

    Issue an accredited designation to the training provider that has received the final approval


GPC-designated training provider conducts the examination together after the completion of the training course. Therefore, the training provider must register with the GPC as an invigilator.

  • Invigilator

      There will be at least one invigilator for every 20 candidates, and the invigilator will perform the following duties :
    • Identification of candidates
    • Guidance about examination (Time limit, precautions, prohibition of cheating, candidate’s rights, method of appeal, pass criteria, etc.)
    • Invigilation
    • Cheater detection and action
    • Distribution and collection of examination papers and answer sheets
    • Sealing and submitting the recovered examination papers and answer sheets
      Invigilators must also be impartial and have no interest in candidates.
      GPC registers as an invigilator through simple history check and evaluation according to internal procedures of invigilator applicants.
      ** All rights related to the examination rest with GPC.

1. I want to register as a GPC training provider. What documents do I need?

When registering as a GPC training provider, the following materials must be submitted.
  • 1) Training provider operation manual and procedures
  • 2) Evaluation data of the instructor’s qualification (educational background, work experience, audit log, etc.)
  • 3) Textbook
  • 4) Training certificate sample

2. What is evaluated in the on-site audit after document review?

Evaluate training sites and examination procedures. GPC checks the suitability of the training environment, conducts interviews with the instructor and invigilator, and, if necessary, conducts a witness to the training.

3. What should be included in the training certificate?

The training certificate must include the following :
  • 1) The name of the student
  • 2) The name of the training provider
  • 3) The name of the training course
  • 4) The date of completion of the training
  • 5) Unique identification number
  • 6) The duration of the training course
  • 7) The issue date of the training certificate

4. I have registered for the ISO 9001 auditor training course, but I would like to add the ISO 14001 auditor training course. What documents do I need?

If you want to add training courses for a different standard, you will need submit training materials and evaluation data of the instructor’s qualification for the training courses you want to add.

5. Do I have to pay the annual fee every year after registering as a training provider?

The annual fee must be paid annually, and invoice is sent by e-mail in accordance with the annual cycle.